Thursday, September 11, 2008

Birthday Central

I'm totally a bad mother, for NOT posting birthday pictures for the wee one, but the reason I didn't post anything is because all my damn pictures came out BLURRY! Y'all would think I've never held a camera before! I'm holding out in hopes that someone else got some decent pictures, otherwise I'll share with you my blur-tastic shots, that make me look like I spent the day slugging vodka instead of chasing toddlers.

But since September is birthday central around here, we're on to another birthday! Today is my darling husbands birthday! Sadly, he's not even here to share it with us. We got to hang out a bit today, but then Steve was off to spend a few days in the big smoke at the Toronto Film Festival - something crazy like 9 films in 2 days. For him it's totally the ultimate weekend, and I'm thrilled he's able to do it! Griffin and I went out to dinner to celebrate anyway, despite Steve's absence.

Happy Birthday, my love! Hope you had a fantastic day!


anti-supermom said...

Happy Birthdays all around. I have friend who have every single birthday in their family on five in March.

That would be what I call birthday overload.

Gretel said...

Great Banner! Happy Birthday, Steve! Aren't you next, Jenn?