Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving OR Why every weekend should have 3 days.

Carrying on with our (somewhat loosey goosey) family tradition, we packed up our turkey and our pumpkin pie on Sunday, and headed out to the campground, for a Thanksgiving day of camping. While there was no motorhomes, and no overnights, there was a BEEEE-utiful day spent at the beach, and a picnic dinner outside. It was absolutely glorious! The boys had a blast on the beach, and we've found a perfect way to combine two of Griffin's favourite things (kicking stuff, and bouncy balls) - soccer! He's quite impressive really! (As an aside - a few weeks ago we were at the park - there were SWINGS! There were SLIDES! And lordy, if there wasn't so many ROCKS, a toddler wouldn't know what to do with himself! Griffin ignored them all, and headed straight for the soccer field next to the playground, to watch the "big boys" play. I had to hold him back by the belt loop, all the while him saying "my turn, my turn!!")
It would have been tough to imagine a better day to spend at the beach - the weather was glorious, and even though Griffin decided to forgo the pre-campground nap, he was (mostly) delightful for the (mostly) whole day. We were joined by some friends for dinner, and had an impressive feast, beachside.
Today, despite an encroaching cold and some hack-up-a-lung coughing that worsened overnight, we headed out to the Erin Fall Fair. (Note to self and other locals: Grand Valley Fall Fair? Blows chunks. Erin Fall Fair? ROCKS!)We visited some animals, fed them some overpriced food, ate some overpriced food ourselves, and had a not so bad time.Griffin was suddenly LESS than interested in the rides - I couldn't even convince him to ride a horse on the merry-go-round. Here he is, looking only slightly less impressed than the kid next to us on the bench. Meanwhile, Griffin's buddy Graham couldn't be kept OFF the rides. To each their own I suppose!So now, after 2 nights of turkey in a row (with a 3rd, 4th and 5th night on the horizon) I'm feeling very much like a butterball myself. Going to roll myself into bed now. Hope everyone had an equally enjoyable weekend, 3 days or not!


Jonny's Mommy said...

Um...hello. It's not Thanksgiving. What? Are you Canadian or something?

Oh. Right. You are.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving!


Love the photos!

Mom said...

Niiiice!!! What a perfect day for a "somewhat loosey goosey", yet a great and growing tradition. I thought of you and kind of wished there was still a motorhome for said tradition, but who needs it - you're doing very well on your own. Good on ya!!!

sheila said...

What a WONDERFUL way to spend Thanksgiving! Can we celebrate with you next year? lol.
We spend it with family. Usually watching football and eating so much we fall asleep.
YOUR way looks much more awesome! LOVE the photos to go along. Very very nice post!