Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Robot Wars

Something disturbing happened to me today.

So I'm sitting in my basement, sewing away tonight, just after dinner when the phone rings. Now y'all know as well as I do, that when the phone rings just after dinner, there's a good chance it's someone calling to try and sell you something.

Sure enough, when I picked up the phone, the robot-telemarketer started it's robot schpiel on how it was "my LAST CHANCE to renew my car warranty!" Blah, blah, blah, shut the hell up, I hang up the phone. (I always feel so guilty about hanging up on the real-live person telemarketers, because after all, they're just doing their job. But robot telemarketers?? Show no mercy, I just hang up on their robot asses!)

After I hang up the phone, I think to myself "I should call Gretel." So I pick up the phone to dial my dear Gretel, and the ROBOT IS STILL THERE!! Still on the line, blah blah blahing away about my car warranty. Thinking I didn't hang up the phone right, I put my finger on the hang up thingamabob, and count to 10. Check the phone. STILL THERE!! I COULD NOT hang up on the GD robot!!! I was forced to endure it's entire robot message, before I could finally pick up the phone again to make my call.

It's disturbing. It's kind of scary. And lordy, it pisses me off! Get off my phone, you stoopid robot, you're tying up the line!! What if, while running to the phone, I tripped and fell? What if I needed to call for help, call 911? What it was an emergency, and I couldn't use the phone because some fracking ROBOT was too busy rambling on about my car insurance expiring?

I'm pretty sure that somewhere in the world, there's a room full of little robots laughing their heads off, thinking they're pretty darn clever.


Gretel said...


Regina said...

Part of my love/hate relationship with computers...

Kristen said...

Hey there

TIme to log onto the web and get yer name on the National Do not Call list. Yes, it's now can get all those telemarketers to zip it by simply logging onto a Fed gov't website... it's blissfully fun.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, honey. I put us on the US Do Not Call list and, thankfully, we now only get political, charity, and survey calls. Still, I hang up on them. Immediately. Even if it's a live person.