Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Random

- We are in the midst of another weekend of "Griffin Goes to Grandma and Grandpas." Unlike the last GGGG weekend where we got a TON of stuff done, today we did very little. We slept in. We ate french toast with cinnamon whip cream for breakfast. Helped some friends with some stuff. Napped. And just returned from stuffing our faces with the most sushi I've ever seen!

-Meanwhile, at Grandma and Grandpas, Griffin also slept in, until 7:30am, in his OWN bed. Here, Griffin wakes up around 6:00, having been in our bed for at least 3 hours already! So I've decided that we're bringing the hammer down, peeps! We're in for a few nights of hell I anticipate, but that kid needs to start sleeping, and waking up (in the morning!) in his OWN bed.

-Has it become passe to signal when you're driving? Ya know, like when you want to change lanes or something? Make a left turn perhaps? No one seems to signal anymore, it's like hanging out in the left lane is enough, it OBVIOUSLY clearly indicates where you're headed. Signaling that you're actually going to TURN left? Why, that's too much work apparently. Geez, I wish someone had told me....think of all the energy I could have saved!

-Suddenly, I look around, and all the leaves that used to be on the trees are gone. Fall has fallen. I think we're in for some of that nasty white shit, and in short order.

-I've been having unspeakable urges dig out the christmas decorations! (Guess they're not so unspeakable after all, since I just spoke them.)


Kater said...

Okay, first of all, big up on the G stays in his own bed at your house until 7:30am. Cam is now in the habit of waking up at 4am and "playing" in his crib until 6 when I give up and get him out. YUCKERS.
Secondly, I so know about the lack of signaling. I think it happened when everyone started saying lay when they meant lie, and stopping in the middle of doorways when they enter a room/store.
Thirdly, bring back the leaves.
But most importantly, DO NOT get the Xmas dec'ns out. It's too frickin' early.
My word verification is "sublem". Your Saturday sounds sublem.

sheila said...

having your kid sleep in his own bed and wake up late at the grandparents house is akin to taking your car in for a mysterious constant rattle...and the mechanic doesn't 'hear a thing'. Good luck, hope it works out at home for you!

Sounds like you had a wonderfully relaxing day! Congrats!

Here in Ohio, people are pretty courteous on the road, but there's still a lot of jerks out there. I think everyone needs to just learn some manners now-a-days. I hate rude people.

Trees- yes! put them back on! put them back on!

And finally the weather...did I mention "CLOSE THAT DOOR CANADA?" it's getting mighty cold here in the states! lol