Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Too 'cared dark Mommy"

Griffin is suddenly, and inexplicably afraid of the dark.

I don't know where this came from. Is it just a product of him growing, and his cognitive awareness expanding? (Woah. Big words for this here blog!) Oh should we maybe have saved "Psycho" until he was a little bit older? (Kidding, people...we'd never let him watch a movie like that until he was AT LEAST 6.)

Seriously - the kid will not go to sleep without the lights on. It's like fricking Wal-Mart in his bedroom, and he's bouncing up and down, all around the town, because there's nothing really signaling "SLEEP TIME" anymore. Nothing says bedtime quite like turning out the lights. If I turn the light off, or even try to turn it down a bit, he FREAKS! There is a more than decent night light in his room, and a even more than decent reading light next to the rocking chair, but NO!! Gotta be the bedside light. Oh, and if he's in our bed, for whatever reason? Lights on there too!

WTF people? Anybody have any tips, aside from buy a fricking blindfold?


Lara said...

Kiernan is randomly scared of a lot of things now too - although we started using a nightlight quite some time ago and as long as that's on he's ok. So I don't really have any suggestions... but I sympathize. For all that helps ;)

Vered - MomGrind said...

Both my kids went through this. It resolved by itself after a couple of months. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about maybe buying a couple of those touch lights. You can stick them on the wall along side his bed so his entire sleep area is lit up the only thing with these though is you may have to take stock out in batteries if he doesn't get over the light thing soon.


sheila said...

Looks like WalMart, that's HYSTERICAL! lol, OMG!
It'll pass in a month. I remember when my now 15 yr old daughter was 5 we took her Disney on Ice, and they had a lonnnnng chinese dragon skating around. She screamed that 'the snakes' were in her bed for weeks.
Leave a hall light on. Tell him his light is broken (or take it out) if you must.

Tina said...

Just stumbled across your blog today....

Right after my son turned two, he decided that he needed lights on as well.
He is just over 3 now and still sleeps with his "bug light" on. (A light that attaches to the wall and is obviously, shaped like a bug.)
If it helps them sleep, then hey, why not.
My suggestion would be maybe letting him choose a "special" light. Just for nighttime.