Monday, October 06, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Last night, Griffin tossed and turned and tossed and turned (and tossed get the picture) ALL. NIGHT. LONG. He slept from 8pm till 10:30, then cried from 10:30 till midnight or so, and then commenced with the tossy-turny till he finally fell asleep around 3. (I'm speculating on the fell asleep time, I called it quits at midnight and Steve took over, god love him.) He woke screaming again at 4:30, and fell back asleep pretty quickly after I crawled into bed with him. I got up at 5:30, my usual rising time, feeling CONSIDERABLY less than rested.

I couldn't figure it out. This has happened before, but it hasn't happened since we cut the sugar out of his diet. I thought back to what he ate yesterday - nothing out of the ordinary...until I thought about dinner - hamburger (normal) sweet potato fries (normal) and, I believe, the culprit - ketchup. Seriously? A tablespoon of ketchup is going to keep my kid up all night? Apparently so! I suppose when you consider the proportions of his dinner it kind of makes sense- 3 bites of hamburger, and one or 2 french fries, dipped over and over and over into the ketchup puddle! Around here, fries are less for eating, and more of a ketchup delivery vehicle. Like carrots are only a delivery vehicle for hummus. So adios Heinz, you're outta this house, about to be replaced by a lovely sugar free Amish ketchup recipe that I found on line!

5 Minutes for Mom is having a wee contest, to win a super-dooper bedroom set. Although I hope we never see another one of these tossy-turny nights, at least if we're going to be awake 1/2 the night, best be doing it on a sassy new bedroom set. I'd prefer the Summer Breeze, in blueberry please! The contest - post a picture of your sleeping angel. I tell you, I take one look at this picture of my Sleeping Beauty, with his Teddy and his trusty Buhwiteyear in his clutches, likely dreaming of flying, and it almost makes me forget the horrors of last night!


Jonny's Mommy said...

The new design is awesome. The photo of Griffin is ... well, making me cry. I gotta go. Seriously..this is embarrassing. I'm at work. I can't be looking at beautiful sleeping baby photos like this

organicyogamom said...

It's amazing some of the little thing that cause such issues in our homes. Greta on you for being able to figure out what it is..........I often wether if they whiny days are a cause of something so simple (other than of course the obvious lack of sleep)!

Burgh Baby said...

Thinking about life with my good friend Heinz just might be enough to make ME cry. Oye!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Absolutely adorable photo!

And? The sleepless nights here and there? Could be due to growth spurts/developmental leaps. Usually when my kids have bad nights (sometimes several in a row) I will literally notice a change in their height the next day or they would start stringing words into sentences or doing something new. Could be? Who knows.