Saturday, October 04, 2008

Harvest Saturday

Whee - a new look! I'm testing out some new backgrounds, in preparation for a BIG CHANGE at this here blog. In honour of my 3rd Blogoversary, which silently slipped by unnoticed last week, I'm splurging for a new template....I'm SO excited! I can hardly believe I've been at this for three years! And here we are, 3 years after that first post, doing the same thing we did then - harvesting! (At least this time it's from my OWN garden...)

Yesterday I went and picked all the "leftovers" out of the garden in fear of a heavy frost. I had NO idea that there was still so much stuff in the garden! Do you SEE this's taller than the bread maker! I spent the entire day in the kitchen yesterday...unfortunately my garden picking was the LAST thing I did - should have been the first - thinking there was nothing in the garden, I stupidly bought $15.00 worth of tomatoes yesterday morning for this little project:Can you say SALSA??!! 3 batches of it, all currently in mason jars, heat processed, and awaiting transportation to my cellar. Or awaiting someone to maybe BUILD me a cellar, since I have no where to put all this stuff! Not to mention the 10 jars of strawberry jam that have been hanging out on the buffet since strawberry season, or the dozen or so jars of pickles that are hanging out at Cara's house. OR the massive pot of squash soup that I made today, waiting to be ladled into jars as we speak. Hope y'all like preserves - they're whats for Christmas!We also spent a few minutes doing some pre-Halloween testing here yesterday. I have no intention of taking Griffin out on Halloween, but I bought this cute helmet cover a few weeks back, and then came across a little cuddly lion outfit at Value Village on Friday and couldn't resist. I think we'll hit the Halloween party in Orangeville on the 25th, just for the sake of parading this bundle of CUTE around town. We'll skip the candy and the cold night, stick to the daylight fun.
Seriously, how adorable is my kid??


Andrea said...

That costume is TOO cute! And we've been canning salsa here too! I guess it's the tomato season...tomorrow I can hopefully do some pizza sauce!

gretel said...

website looks great, kids looks great, salsa looks great....BUT...I don't think I can handle hearing any more from YOU, Missy...about having no where to put stuff! We're crawling around underneath each other's eyelids here, we're so cramped! you have three ample floors of space and enough outdoor space to build an impressive underground doomsday bunker! have mercy!

Jonny's Mommy said...

Strawberry jam?

Did I mention I love strawberry jam?

Did I mention I may come to visit you soon and steal some? :-)

And yes, Griffin is adorable! And yes, I want to know what the big changes are going to be!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, he is adorable! And, um, strawberry jam? Where do I send the check? :)