Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bleck, the follow up

We're OK.

Thanks for all your phone calls....I didn't mean to freak anyone out!!

Really, we're fine. Just doing some "family soul searching," I guess you'd call it, which is never easy.

We'll still be here, just not as often (or maybe just not as lengthy) for the next little bit!

In good news, I just emptied 2 laundry baskets that have been sitting on our bedroom floor for about 2 months...and I'm probably underestimating that. See what keeping away from the computer for a day will do for you???


Kristen said...

Family soul searching is never easy. The hubby and I have been doing a little of that this past week and it has been quite the emotional roller coaster. Life sure isn't easy, is it.

sheila said...

The cable guy will be keeping me from the computer today. Our direct tv is having 'issues' with some new equipment and is in need of yet another visit from the tech. (hmmmmmm)

Jonny's Mommy said...

We'll miss you! I've been taking a break from as much blog reading and I am so behind! Obviously....