Friday, November 21, 2008

Home Sick

The wee one is sick.  I am home, for the second day in a row.  Griffin is mostly snuggly and sucky, so we've had a ton of cuddly movie watching in the past few days.  If it wasn't for the nasty sores all over his mouth, and the big fat crocodile tears that they cause every time he tries to eat or drink, the past few days would have been just delightful!  I had a chance to do some delicious cooking yesterday afternoon, and a little bit of laundry, and even had a mid-afternoon nap yesterday myself!

We'll be back to our regular programming once this nasty virus is cleared up!


Gretel said...

other than Griffin being unhappy...I'd say your days at home don't suck at all! (referring to your 'this sucks' tag)

Sarah said...

Oh Jenn - so sorry! Dylan and I have been sick for the past week too. We have some very nasty cough/sore throat thing though. Take care!