Monday, November 17, 2008


After 6pm on weekdays (the approximate hour that I get home from work) I am completely, 100%, full out useless.

I am spent.  I have no energy to do anything constructive, or creative, and all I want to do in the world is fall into bed with my book.  (It doesn't help that it's pitch dark outside either.)

(As I type "pitch dark" I wonder what the hell that actually means....I may have to look it up...)

There's a toddler who doesn't much like it when I try to pull this.  That is, of course, unless I'm totally fine with trying to read said book while toddler jumps all around me on the bed, and occasionally every 10 seconds throws a pillow on my head.

How do soccer mom's do it?  As my child gets older, will I be expected to come home from work and drive my children to 4 different activities, all whilst stamping holiday cards next to me on the passenger seat, and baking 178 dozen cookies when I get home? (Please say no, please say no!)

Sorry for the ramble.  As you can likely tell, I'm exhausted.


Pitch black (or pitch dark) is a derivative of "black as pitch."  Pitch is a substance used for paving or caulking, that is actually the residue remaining after the distillation of coal tar or wood tar.  It's very black, thus "pitch black."

There - you learned something new today!


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

First? If you hadn't looked up pitch black, I would have. Second? Buy the cookies from the grocery store and make the kids help you stamp when they're in the back seat being driven by you to said soccer games. Boo-yah! :)

oma said...

Older and wiser? Ya, I knew what pitch is and would've shared.

Lara said...

I totally hear you! I can't begin to understand how some people have the energy to do some of the things they do! Makes me feel lazy ;)

sheila said...

Pretty soon your kids will be able to make their own cookies for school treats. And you'll carpool to soccer and events. Life will be good.

And then....wait for it!....Then your kids will be driving...and you won't have to drive them anywhere! In fact, you'll need something from the store and they are HAPPY to drive there for you!

Oh! It's wonderful! I think it may be a reward for those times when I felt like you do now.

Miriam said...

I just entered the (not really soccer) sports mom arena. I thought I was tired before.