Sunday, November 30, 2008

Well THAT was fun!

Despite the half-lit tree in my living room, I decided that blogging was my priority at this moment. We're in the midst of a helluva snow deluge, and at any given moment the internet could cack out, not to return for days on end. That's what generally happens in snow storms 'round here. Nothing like cutting us COMPLETELY off from civilization!



Today we went to get our christmas tree.

Today started out with a lovely lunch in Cookstown with Steve's parents, and then we headed off to the tree farm, to find us a tree.

We decided to try some place new this year, only because we were meeting in Cookstown and there was a place close by. So off we trotted to New Tree Place.

New Tree Place (NTP from now on) was C. H. A. O. S.

NTP was like the fricking Wal-Mart of Christmas Tree places. There were not only trees, but hot chocolate, a marshmallow pit, a gift shop, a dude singing carols (badly) on a stage with a mic. There were garlands, wreaths, cedar rope, and cheesy reindeer made out of tree trunks with a little red light bulb for a nose.

And there were a GAZILLION people there, all clamouring for the perfect tree.

We headed over to where we catch the wagon out to the fields, and happened to pass by the line up of people coming out of the fields, and paying for their trees. We happened also, to catch a glimpse of the tree price list.

Now, when we go tree hunting, we're looking for something that's about 12 feet, minimum. We have vaulted ceilings in our living room, and there's no time to exploit that like christmas time. So when I looked at the price list and saw that trees over 12 feet tall went for $175 bucks, I just about shit myself! ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE BUCKS??? You've GOT to be kidding me!

And that was the end of NTF. Smell ya not later.

Back to the car we went, and turned around heading straight for somewhere closer to home.

Of course, Griffin fell asleep in the car on the way there. When we arrived at the next tree place, and initiated Napus Interuptus, all hell broke loose.

Griffin screamed bloody murder, for the ENTIRETY of the 90 minutes that we spent looking for a tree. He didn't want to ride in the sled. He didn't want to walk. He maybe wanted to be carried, but only if you did it the right way. And for the most part, ONLY by Mommy.

Mommy however had some serious tree hunting to do, and hardly paid the temper tantrum throwing toddler any attention at all....which of course only made things worse!

We finally made it out of there, with our beautiful, 12 foot tall, FORTY dollar tree and came home.

Here are the fond memories that we will always cherish of Tree Hunting, 2008:

Griffin and I did have a few minutes of lovliness tonight, decorating the ceramic tree for his bedroom. That was before his bed time routine....but let's not talk about that.

I promise never to wake a sleeping toddler from a nap, EVER again!

Hope y'all had a lovely weekend!

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Jonny's Mommy said...

Oh wow. Griffin sounds so much like Jonathan right now. The kid is a basket case at times. The weirdest things set him off and make him cranky. At least you got a tree cheaper than $175. I agree with you. What the heck?! Thems rich peoples trees, yo?

Anyhow, looks like you guys are already buried in the snow. We only have sleet and such here right now. No major snow just yet. Of course, you are in the prime location for it. Hang in there, snow bunnies!