Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Home Backstage Tour

So I believe there may have been a little mocking of ME, over here today, where Gretel gave her own version of a Holiday Home Tour. Now I know it was mocking with the most possible love, but I wanted to prove that despite my well framed photos yesterday, it wasn't all cupcakes and butterflies around here either!

First, lets start with the obvious - that being the biggest trip hazard. This is Hurricane Griffin's toy corner, at the bottom of the stairs. Each night when I come down from making sure he's not sleeping on the landing, or has at least a few covers on him, I try to kick the most potentially harmful objects out of the way (like the trike!) just in case my child who climbs down the stairs at 3am every night to crawl into my bed, happens to tumble.

Good Ol' Mount Washmore:Good Ol' Mount Foldmore: While photographing Mt. Foldmore, I happened to look up at our unfinished basement windows and notice they were covered in mould! AWESOME!

The (seems to be) constant state of the nation at our back door. Why no, we didn't have a party, why do you ask? Hope you don't want to sit down to put your boots on, before you go running out the door!Also next to the back door is this:Looks normal right? Bowl full of dog food, ready to be eaten? But NO. When you have a picky eater in the house, like our Dudler, it's just a mess waiting to happen. Dudley doesn't MIND this food, per say, but week to week there is generally one "flavour" of this 5 flavour dog food that he just prefers to skip. Skip, as in leave it in the bowl you may ask? Why no! Skip as in pick out the offending pieces and discard them on the floor. This week, it appears the "red" flavour is on the outs. Last week it was green. Festive, huh?

Speaking of himself, here he is atop our bed. Griffin calls this "his" bed. We call it our bed. But it's clear here who's bed it really is, isn't it?My sewing room - caught on a good day as I'm in the process of sandwiching a quilt, which requires more than the 12 square inches I normally manage to clear on my sewing table. Hey, at least I have a table, in a room, all to myself!Oops...maybe not such a good day.
And that's it! I hope you enjoyed your fast little backstage tour of my home. Please go check out Gretel's holiday tour too...her backstage tour is WAY more impressive than mine! I miss you too my dear!

P.S. Want to know why we try to keep it so nice inside? It's because at this "festive" time of the year, OUTSIDE generally looks like THIS:
Welcome to Blizzard Central! We don't get out much in winter 'round these parts!
Edited to Add: Darn it, I missed the BEST PART!! I got to my bed last night only to discover that King Picky Eater must have been pissed at me for SOMETHING (maybe for making fun of him on the blog?) and kindly left me a big pile of doggy barf on the little mat next to the bed! Luckily I saw it before stepping in it. Also luckily, I was too tired to photograph it, so you’ll just have to let your imagination do the work! Happy Holidays!


Gretel said...

Oh Jenn. You warm my cockles! Sorry about the window mold. I can't BELIEVE Dudley picks out pieces of his food! That's shameful dog behavior. Must be his early upbringing (before you got him!). I'm glad you took my response with good nature...after I went to bed I thought, "what if she's pissed with me?!"

Jonny's Mommy said...

What a creative dog.

Yeah, one morning I woke up at 4 a.m. to use the bathroom and stepped in my dogs Christmas present to me. Yeah, it was really nice. I tried not to wake up the entire house while whispering a scream of "I haaaatte you!" to the dog over and over. I don't hate him. I love him. But I did want to kill him at that moment.

Anyhow, our laundry room is very similar most of the time. I totally am not showing my messy house on my blog. Last thing I need is my brother and mother in law and whomever else criticizing me even more!