Sunday, December 07, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Well, the family Christmas was a success!

We had THIRTY SIX people in the house, for about 5 hours. 36! That's a lot of people! Oh, and a dog, who was VERY excited about all the company. And all the food!

My photo-taking was sketchy at best, and I got a TON of blurry shots, and a few clear ones. Here's my favourite niece, Jolyn. OK, she's my only niece, but TOTALLY my favourite! I thought about stealing her - you'd think with two other little boys, Paul and Stacey would hardly even notice the missing one. Don't you just want to eat her up?? I let her go home this time, but I may steal her yet...

Here's 9 of the 11 munchkins that were running around the house all afternoon. The twins are still immobile, but next year...look out! I'm glad we got in on the Christmas hosting while the numbers are still "reasonable." People just keep having babies, so it's just going to get bigger and bigger!
These 2 are my cousin Michelle's little monkeys - so cute, but don't let those beautiful dark eyes fool you - they're full of mischief!!
And today? Today we chill. We're all still in our PJ's, Daddy and the G are watching a big show, I'm alternating between blogging, eating left over rice crispy squares, and drinking boozy coffee. There's a snowsquall warning out, the roads are crap, so we're just going to tuck in for the day, and enjoy our beautiful, CLEAN house!
*Edited to add:
It's 10:07pm, and I'm ready for bed. Luckily, I can go straight to bed, not even pausing to get into my PJ's, because I never GOT OUT OF THEM!! That my friends, is what I call a successful day!


Lara said...

There were 36 people in your house and your house is still clean!?!

Gretel said...

I totally get it - you actually CLEANED your house...and even 36 people in one day couldn't make you lose THAT progress! Surface clutter is all they leave, quickly cleaned and a day in pajamas. Nice!

Kater said...

Super wicked fun, Jenn, congrats on such a great success!! xoxoxo

Jonny's Mommy said...

Sounds great and looks like you had a blast. The kids are adorable! Love the house. Your staircase is awesome. SO very jealous!