Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Rocking the Podcasts

Peeps, I need your help!

So y'all know that I drive. A lot. An hour to work, an hour home. Now, my work has just done me the kind favour of providing me with a Crackberry. Now, you may think that this means they can get a hold of me at any time of day. But me? I'm thinking about PODCASTS!!

Before today, I was a podcast virgin. But this afternoon I downloaded a podcast of a chat with Amy Roloff at 5 minutes for Mom. Lickity split I transferred it over to my blackberry, and on the way home I stuck my phone on the visor above me, cranked up the volume, and listened to something other than Kim Mitchell on Q107, who, incidentally, is really annoying the crap out of me these days.

It. Was. Awesome.

So. Podcasts! My new favourite thing!

Problem is, I have NO idea where else to look for these things. I know they have a bunch on the CBC website, but other than that, I'm at a loss. I'm pretty sure there everywhere, and that's part of the problem. I have no patience to sift through a million and a half of them, I want someone to tell me exactly where to go to get the good ones!

So, got any podcasts I should know about? Send me your tips, linkage, etc. Funny stuff, real life stories, gardening, crafty related, Mom related, or anything else you think I may dig, send me the goods! As a little enticement, the person who sends me to the BEST podcast will get a little sumthin-sumthin from my sewing room! I dunno what, but I promise it'll be good. (Best will be chosen by which one I like the most - totally subjective, totally my party! Nana nana boo boo.)

So go! Send me your links!

(P.S. You should know that along with Kim Mitchell, Jian Ghomeshi also pisses me off. Don't want to listen to him.)


Anonymous said...

Moonie - I listen to White Coat Black Art on the CBC - it's interesting tidbits about medicine aimed at the public. I think it's great (but I'm a bit of a geek!) - they have had some great shows on medicine in entertainment and media, boundry issues in medicine (ie. doctors dating patients), money in medicine, death, the pelvic exam etc... Le tme know if you like it! moonie :)

Christine said...

check out the npr all songs considered. they have entire concerts (some over 2 hours long) with all sorts of different bands and lots of new artist and interviews. i download them through itunes, where i also found some free audiobooks.

Catherine said... is a fantastic Podcast for mom's. She does mom related topics and interviews. enjoy

gretel said...

you can download Radio Paradise playlists when you want tunes.

it's amazing music radio!

I believe Isaac gets all his podcasts through itunes or the istore or some 'i' thing. I enjoyed listening to podcasts from 'Democracy Now'.

by the way, our imac is sick and I can't blog until it's fixed...not sure how long!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I am allowed to enter, but I sure would like a manly apron!


Lara said...

Jumping monkeys is a good parenting podcast. Looks like they're on hiatus now, but there should be lots of back episodes to listen to:

Leah said...

CBC Radio 3 does a really interesting Canadian indie music one, it freaks out my little University aged brothers when I know about 'cool' bands before they do. And I love the Vinyl Cafe with Stewart Maclean on the CBC, interesting and funny little stories to warm your heart during the long drive. And Quirks and Quarks (again CBC) makes me smarter. I swear that I used to listen to non CBC things, but I don't remember them anymore, sort of makes me look like a geek. Oh yah, if you love LOST then I'll send you an amazing LOST podcasts, now I really am a geek.

I can't stand Ghomeshi either

Name said...

Hi Jenn
Ghomesi sucks. Plus that annoying show that comes on after the Vinyl cafe. Seriously though...I don't do podcasts. can't help. BUt I have some advice...Careful...a friend also has a work Blackberry and the bill was 525$ for a month due to downloads. She had it suspended for a month by her boss and was the only principal in the school board without one for 3o days. OUCH! Make sure you don't exceed your download limits.

Kristen said...

Geez...i typed "name" in the name space instead of my name. Kristen

Kendra said...

Age of Persuasion, CBC again. A crazy interesting show about how marketing works in our day to day lives.

Carol @SheLives said...

iTunes has tons of free podcasts. I d/l and listen while working in the yard.

And yea, Gretel's right. Radio Paridise is da bomb! Didn't know you could d/l their playlists, though.

Gretel Meyer Odell said...

Further to the 'downloading' of Radio Paradise playlists - I was wrong. Carol@shelives is right - you can't do that. What my husband did was use a program called 'stream ripper' which lets you capture live streaming. He 'ripped' some live streams and has saved them as playlists.

Shonda Little said...

I need to learn to podcast, too. So don't forget to post ALL you learn.

PS-- All that driving would drive me to drinking.