Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Random

- I am a ski widow today - I've lost my husband (and my brother too) to the hill.  When I bought him new skis for christmas, it was indeed my hope that he would get out and ski more.  So far, this part is working.  It was also my hope that he'd occasionally take the munchkin with him, so I could sew.  So far, this part of my plan has failed!!

-Of all the things that you may leave unattended on the stove, thinking "oh, I'll be back up before that boils" and then you remember about it as you hear it boil over?  Yeah - last choice for that scenario?  Pea soup.  The cleanup for this is going to be nasty...

-Griffin had his first official grocery store meltdown today, where I dropped the groceries I was carrying, and headed for the car.  Granted, I was only carrying one thing, but the line up for the express aisle was about 15 people long and not looking to expressy so I figured it was best to cut my losses and run for the hills.  I bravely headed to the other grocery store in town (since the first one didn't have what I was looking for anyway) and it was like I had a whole different kid.  I smartly put him in a cart this time, even though I only needed 2 things, and as we left the grocery store he exclaimed "dat was fun!"  Good thing, kid.  

-I'm once again jealous of my day care provider.  When I went to pick Griffin up on Friday, he clung to Linda like there was no tomorrow.  "NO WANNA GO HOME!"  Great, way to make Mom feel good on a Friday afternoon.  This morning we were in the car, off to go tobogganing and he said "Me go Linda's now?" in a hopeful kind of voice.  I almost dropped him off there after the grocery store incident, let me tell you!  

-Dear God, when we get around to baby number 2, may I please have one that sleeps?  I have never met another kid that fights sleep like mine does.  

-I fear that naps may soon be a thing o' the past.  We disagree wholeheartedly on if they're still needed!  This afternoon when we returned from our toboggan/meltdown adventure, he fell asleep in the car.  He was still asleep when I picked him out of the car seat.  Still asleep as I struggled him and the bag of groceries in the door.  Stayed asleep while I bumbled out of ONE of my boots, and then said "f*ck it" and left the other one on.  Stayed asleep while I negotiated the hall, the bedroom door, Mt Foldmore.  Placed him gently on the bed and BAM!  He's awake.  But I outsmarted him, and we went for a snuggle in the rocking chair.  He knew exactly what I was up to, but was too tired to put up a proper fight.  You CAN NOT resist the power of the rocking chair.  DO NOT even try, it's FUTILE!!

-Thank you all for all the podcast links.  I'm going to be busy downloading for a while.  I promise once I've had a chance to get through them all, I'll come back and tell you about my favourite.  I'm working my way through Marie's White Coat, Black Art suggestion right now, and thoroughly enjoying it.  I've also started car-pooling to work a few days a's amazing how talking to someone (other than myself) makes the ride fly by.

How's that?  Random enough for ya?


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Very random, but I love random. And while you're a ski widow this weekend, I'm a work widow. Ugh.

Gretel said...

Jenn! My blog is working again...not only that...the COMMENTS ARE ACTUALLY WORKING! First time in several months! yaay!

xine says said...

Maybe no naps would make for better nighttime sleeping?