Saturday, January 03, 2009

Still here...

We're still here, we're just recovering from the holidays still. Putting the house back in order, doing laundry that never seems to end (Mount Foldmore has reached epic proportions, and we almost had a pantalanche this morning!) Plus we're peppering our days with little things to keep us AWAY from all those mundane chores: stuff like hitting the slopes, and going out for a rather delightful and languid belated anniversary dinner. Today we're off to pick up the munchkin from Grandma and Grandpas, and then tomorrow we'll enjoy our last official day of the holidays....(tear escapes from eye...)

We will shortly return to our regular programming schedule.

Hope you had a very Happy New Years!

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Carol @SheLives said...

Just stopping by to say hello...out from under my own pantalanche. DH says "If you don't wash clothes soon I'll be forced to go to Wally World to by myself some new skivvies."

I wonder if the same holds true for me and Victoria's Secret.