Saturday, January 03, 2009

Resolution, Schmezolution.

So, I suppose it's that time of the year that we talk about resolutions. Except I hate that word. We prefer to talk about GOALS.

An old boss of mine once said that if you don't have dreams, you can't have dreams come true....slightly cheese, but true none the less. Steve and I are fairly big on goals - see, there's a whole list of them over there to the left! To narrow it down though, for this here 2009, the plans are as follows:

1. Get pregnant. A healthy, and pleasant (HA!) nine months later (still in 2009...better get cracking!) give birth to said bambino, here, in our own home. Preferred colour for baby clothing: frilly pink, but will accept blue as well.

2. Make a quilt for my son. (This is actually "underway," if you can call browsing Etsy for fabric being underway. It WILL get done, and BEFORE there is a sibling to sew for! Oh, and while I'm sewing? Maybe finish off that wedding quilt for my brother - the brother that got married 2 and a half years ago. (Hangs head sheepishly...))

3. Eat healthier. Drink more water. USE the elliptical machine in our spare bedroom, instead of tripping over it to get to the computer.

4. Find a local babysitter; go out on more dates with eachother.

5. Go to the library more often (bring books back BEFORE they're overdue!) Read more.

6. Do things with purpose - don't waste time (on the internet...) and make every moment count.

7. Spend less. Save more.

8. Find some efficient, organized system for conquering the laundry, and never, EVER AGAIN let Mt Foldmore reach the proportions that it did this week!

So, what are YOU doing in 2009?


Carol @SheLives said...

I think I'll do basically the same things I did in 2008, but hopefully I'll do them better and with more purposefully.

I like what the boss said - dreams don't come true if you don't have dreams. Definite cheese.

Jonny's Mommy said...

The baby thing? Maybe by August of this year I'd like to think about that. The rest..can't make a quilt Other plans, find a way I can stay home with Jonathan more. A lot more.

Good list on your part.

Jonny's Mommy said...

Oh and thanks for the compliments on my blog design. That was very nice of you. I think I might have e-mailed you, but if I didn't....Rachel from Blog Candy Designs did the header and I just got the colors around to match it as best as I could. Thanks again!

Ms. Julia Hale said...

2009 - Mom.

re: library... you can sort of combine two of your goals by 'usefully investing time' on the internet at the library website - order books online and then have them reserved for you. Then, you get this wonderful e-mail that says "your book is ready for pickup" and it's like getting a present, but it's free and you picked it! Try it - that's where I'm headed next in my 'useful investment of time' on the internet.

Kendra said...

I believe that you should add "spend more time in Toronto at Kendra's house" to your list of goals. Hmm, although perhaps it's a bit contrary to several of your other goals, it would make me happy. That's my goal in 2009, for Jenn to make me happy! no pressure... :)

Sarah said...

meal plans. and for them to last longer than one week! This time I have implemented a fancy template to keep my interest up! Oh and the list goes on and on. Definitely some visits with you guys soon :)