Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The carnivore doesn't fall far from the tree cow.

In the absence of anything exciting happenings to post about (my work, sleep, eat, repeat routine of late is far from blog-worthy) I decided to dig through the photo archives, and came up with a gem. First, the back story:

As you may or may not know, we built a kitchen for Griffin for Christmas. A KICK ASS kitchen, if I do say so myself! (It's here if you wanna peek!) Ever since Christmas, Griffin has been cooking up a storm in it. His repertoire is rather limited, and right now he only makes coffee, and soup. The coffee is excellent, and conveniently comes out of the tap in his kitchen (gee...wish it did that in MY kitchen!) The soup is also quite tasty, and involves many pots and pans, lots of lid banging, and then Griffin very carefully ladles it out...onto plates. It's perfectly adorable.

A few weeks ago though, I found a special dish cooking in the oven. Now, if you've ever met my husband, you'll know that he's one of the biggest and bestest carnivores around. This man is a MEAT. EATER. (And proud of it!) If you've ever had the pleasure of being invited over for burgers, you know that Steve doesn't kid around about meat. When he says "burgers as big as your head," you should take him seriously!

So this is why I was not at all surprised to find that my son apparently shares my husband's propensity for cooking meat. In fact, he's taken it to a whole new level:

That's right, peeps. Frying up a little bovine in the oven on a Sunday afternoon!

'Ats my boy!


mare ad mare said...

Awesome - I'm a meatatarian too!
At one point, my one daughter had decided to become a vegetarian, because she didn't want to hurt animals... so it's funny to see your boy cookin up the cow!

Sarah said...

This is the perfect remedy for my blah morning! I have almost forgotten that I left my umbrella on the bus! Thanks G!

gretel said...

Very funny! I'm sure Steve is very proud.

gretel said...

Very funny! I'm sure Steve is very proud.

Jonny's Mommy said...

That is hilarious. Great thinking on Griffin's part. He and daddy can have some steak later!

Regina said...

LOL -this made my day!!!

Tiffany @ NOH said...

I LOVE it! We're also very big meat eaters here...especially during the summer where we're grilling every weekend.
Our little girl is only 3 months but I can't wait for all the things she's going to pick up on and make us notice about ourselves :)