Sunday, February 08, 2009

It's like he's still here.

I awoke at 6:15 this morning. I tossed and turned and thought about all the things I have to do at work tomorrow and finally gave in at 6:45 and got up. I woke and got up all before 7am despite the fact that my son is miles away, probably still sound asleep at his grandparents house. Yesterday he slept till 8am there. I don't think he's EVER slept until 8am here!

Yesterday Steve and I spent a lovely toddler free day. I had images of hiking, but when I went outside to run with the dog yesterday morning the wind nearly knocked me off my feet. That and the fact that the bit of rain that was in the air assaulted me from a sideways direction, feeling like someone had tossed a hand full of pins into the wind and they were all smacking me in the cheek. That right there was the end of my hikey dreams.

So I read a book. A WHOLE book!

And we watched a movie, at 2 in the afternoon.

We went out for a 2 and a half hour dinner.

We watched Lost in bed when we got home.

I crashed hard...too much food at dinner.

It's funny, when Griffin goes away for the weekend, we have a lovely time, but spend much of the weekend repeating many of his catch phrases, and talking too each other in Griffin-speak. It's like we miss hearing his voice or something.

"Well. Hello!"

"You FOUND it. Good job!"

"Daddy go get it."

Sad, I know.

We've also found that we usually need to have an eventful Sunday morning, so we don't sit on the couch from 11am onwards, tapping our fingers and wondering just when exactly "after lunch" Steve's parents will be coming over. It sure is nice to have a break from the little turkey, but it sure is nice when he comes home too.


Jonny's Mommy said...

I haven't yet gotten the courage up to leave Jonathan at his grandparents. Even though I need a break at times, I know I'd miss him too much for him to be gone all night long!

Glad you got a break though!

Erin said...

We are the same way.

Both of my girls spent the majority of the weekend at my parent's house. Our house was SO quiet! Even with a major construction project going on in the master bathroom, the house was eerily quiet and empty.

My husband and I frequent parrot some of the girls' phrases to each other. A favorite is "Hewwo?" instead of hello when talking on the phone. And now we can add my youngest daughter's "A-oh?" to that repertoire.