Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend Random

Griffin and I are hanging out at home, just chillin' and hoping to heck for a nap (me hoping for his napping...mama has some sewing to do!) It's beautiful and sunny outside, but still a little chilly.

Steve is working. Dumb, I know. I never realized how ridiculous the hours that theatre people worked are, until I was no longer a part of that world. I mean, working on Easter Sunday?? Who DOES that?? (Theatre people, that's who.)

The Easter Bunny visited our house this hadn't even crossed his mind to stop off here until Griffin came home from daycare on Thursday telling us all about how the Easter Bunny was coming to visit this weekend. Since we don't do sugar around here, I figured we could get away with skipping Easter for a few more years until he realizes what he's missing out on. No such luck. So off I trundled, begrudgingly, to the dollar store, cursing the daycare lady for even bringing it up. I spent a few bucks on things that only mildly offended me (in contrast to much of the stuff at the dollar store that horribly offends!)

The smile on Griffin's face this morning was worth it, as he tore into a basket full of plastic dinosaurs, a new pair of "Crocs," some new crayons and some other do-dads. I came across some sugar free candies yesterday and last night Steve and I the Easter Bunny stuffed them into some plastic eggs and placed them randomly about the living room. The joy and delight on Griffin's face every time he discovered an egg was enough to convince me that he shouldn't be left out of this kind of stuff just because I don't want him to eat sugar.

Fast forward many hours later....

Now, as I finish this post many hours later, the munchkin is in bed loudly sawing logs. We had a long (nap free!) day, complete with lots of green goobery stuff leaking from all facial orifices. I don't know what's up with this guess is he either has a sinus infection, or pink eye, but he will NOT be winning any Fun Kid of the Year awards for today! None the less, it's great to have been home for 3 whole days, (mostly) catch up on the piles of sick laundry, and stuff my face! A successful weekend had by all!

And now, for the photo version:

Oma arrives and gets down to some serious Duplo business:

And colouring too!
The ONLY nap that happened the ENTIRE weekend....Friday afternoon, in the tent, clutching our newest obsession - "Bolt" (which was played AT LEAST 1/2 a dozen times this weekend!) Super cute!
After the cops were hanging out next door on Saturday, Dudley (who is inherently mistrustful of the neighbours and their loud trucks) keeps a watchful eye for the rest of the weekend:
Good day sunshine! Happy Easter morn!
Griffin asked me ALL. FREAKING. DAY. "wherez more eggs Mommy?"
A brief escape to the outdoors, but we're tired trying to do shit with mittens on, so when his fingers started to freeze we called it a day:
Mama smiles pretty, Griffin makes 2 year old face:
Hope you had a Happy Easter!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Looks like a great weekend.

Leah said...

I loved Blot, I haven't had to watch it a zillion times; but you could do a lot worse. Happy Easter.

Sarah said...

Great pics! Happy Easter!!

One of the many infections Dylan has had recently was an eye infection. The best advice that we got was to wash it daily with a very mild soap and cotton balls. We used unscented California Baby wash and it worked the best.

Burgh Baby said...

Don't you hate when you fight off a holiday, only to have it spoiled by someone else? Even worse is when it turns out you were missing out on fun. Gah!

Great photos!

Ms. Julia Hale said...

Griffin has lost his baby face! He now has a wonderful - little boy face - but what a shock! Time for baby #2 I guess....

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

Great photos. That kid sure is dang cute!