Saturday, April 11, 2009

Update from the Kitchen Sink

In the midst of what is otherwise so far a beautiful Easter Weekend, I bring you the latest news from my kitchen sink, which is where I stand to peer out the kitchen window to spy on my white trash neighbours. After your neighbour comes knocking on your door at 2am, drunk, and on the phone to 911, I figure I have a right to keep an eye on what's going on over there.

Currently, there is a moving truck being furiously packed by a bunch of pick-up truck driving boys. As well, there are 2 OPP cruisers, just a'hanging out in the driveway.

I have NO IDEA what the hell is going on this time....something exciting enough to warrant 2 cop cars apparently. But if the rednecks are moving out, I really wished they would have told me....I would have rolled out the red carpet to pave the driveway for their exit.

So long rednecks, and your little (pit bull) dog too!!


oma said...

Considering the previous late night gig, maybe he or she was moving out under some kind of restraint order.

Jenn said...

I thought the very same thing after I posted this...damn...I thought maybe EVERYONE over there was leaving!!