Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Random

-I am highly suspicious of people who have dandelion-free lawns.

- Griffin used to have this cute little saying - when something was amiss, you'd hear a "what da...?" from him - totally adorable. Tonight, however, his "what da...?" has become "what da heck?" Totally NOT adorable. Then again, at least it's not "what the f*ck....?"

- Back to work today after a week off. As I drove into the smelly city this morning, I could feel my formerly relaxed shoulder muscles migrating straight north towards my ears. I was 40 minutes late for a damn meeting downtown, thanks to ridiculous Monday morning traffic - a less than auspicious start to the week.

-My week off? Highly productive. Things checked off the list include:
- planting cedar trees
-stealing taking with permission some spruce trees from a friends property, and relocating them to our sweet abode.
-take back the greenhouse! Whoot whoot! Piles of junk relocated to county dump
-copious amounts of laundry, thanks in part (OK, thanks in ALL) to the Laundry Fairy, aka my Mom.
-relocation of sewing room to upstairs bedroom, with....wait for it....NATURAL LIGHT! (Not totally done, there is still a tremendous amount of crap in the basement, waiting to be sorted. Ummm.....Sorting Fairy??)
-cut grass, multiple times
-garden prepped for planting
-sit in hammock for extended periods of time
-eat chips
-drink icy cold beverages on porch
That's all. Kid wants to go to bed, and I think I'll follow! Happy Monday!

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gretel said...

congratulations on the move up to the light! Can't wait to sew with you in new room!