Sunday, May 24, 2009

(Eight Hundred and Nintey) Second Wind

My child was practically comatose at 6pm, crying inconsolably at every little thing that went wrong (ie: not his way), wouldn't eat his dinner, wanted outside, no inside, no outside, yelling at me, the works.


Now he is jumping on the couch, bouncing off the walls, and until a few minutes ago, bouncing off me too.

What is it with toddlers and the infamous second wind? And why does it always hit RIGHT before bedtime? And why oh why can't I get one, RIGHT after his bounciness has fallen asleep for the night, instead of sinking into the couch that mere hours before I was beaten up on?

Toddler energy - if we could bottle it and sell it, we'd all be very, very rich people!

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mare ad mare said...

No kidding! I'd like to know what my 7 year old is on too... she goes full-out all the time, until she runs out - then crashes, HARD!