Thursday, June 04, 2009

He's full of it! (Warning - TMI Ahead)


It's a hot topic around here these days.

(This is one of those posts that my son will cringe at in 10 years, and BEG me to erase, but know now my son - I am only trying to help you and your poor bum!)

So there's been some trouble in the poop department as of late - just can't manage to get it out. And oh, does he try!

Trying to poop involves sitting on the ground, putting his feet together and pulling them close to his bum, and then grunting, and groaning, and grunting, and groaning. On a "good" day, this happens ALL. DAY. LONG.

And to what end? Nothing, until maybe right at bedtime, when after a day of pushing and grunting he finally manages a poop to write home about. Or a day full of the itty bittyest poops you've ever seen.

Problem with the itty bitty poops is you still need to change a diaper. And changing involves wiping. And along with all the pushing and groaning, wiping 10-15 times a day only causes to incense the nasty redness that is kid butt. We've affectionately taken to calling it the "ring of fire." It's about as nasty as it sounds.

We've tried the naturopathic route. Natural laxatives work to treat the symptoms, but don't do diddly for the cause. We've cut out wheat (at home anyway), added fish oils to his diet, tried probiotics, cut out bananas and all things "binding." The kid drinks gallons of liquid in a day. We've tried belly rubs and bicycling. We've stopped using commercial wipes (even the natural ones) and have gone back to good old washcloths and warm water. We've tried sitting on the potty to make it easier. Nothing seems to work.

There is a doctors visit planned for the near future, but the last time we mentioned it, it was dismissed as a common toddler issue by our dumb assed nurse practitioner who doesn't know a shoe from a slipper (I tried to find that old post to link back to but couldn't....just trust me when I say this woman is hardly the sharpest knife in the drawer.) I'm sorry, but pushing and pushing all day, and not getting anything out is NOT normal. Neveryoumind that we've been dealing with this for weeks and weeks on end. And what does come out is hardly rock shouldn't take THAT MUCH work!

So...HELP!! Anyone else dealt with anything like this before??

(PS - Hey Blogger, get with the times - "Naturopathic" and "Probiotics" are real words...and no I'm quite sure I haven't tried feeding my son "robotics" or "aerobatics!")


mare ad mare said...

Is this a boy thing? I don't recall my girls having issues, but reading another blog where they're having issues with their boy too...
Sorry - no advice!

Kristen said...

My daughter is only 11 months, but whenever she gets constipated we give her prunes. Maybe you could buy the prunes babyfood and mix it in with a yummy fruit smoothie to help him get it down. Not sure if baby constipation is the same as toddler constipation, but it seemed to work for her. Another mom gave me the suggestion, said it worked for her kids. Hope he feels better.

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

I'm dealing with it right now. Jonathan's always had issues, though. I think he is allergic to milk...or has an intolerance like me rather. We're going to have to test this theory and back off the milk I think. This week the kid's been walking around like a duck...trying to push out whatever is stuck in there. Last night he woke up crying because he had pooped and needed his diaper was not "small" but it was's just say it was "hard", which I know means he is constipated.

I can't believe I'm rambling on about this on a blog. Ugh. I'm my mom now! :-)

Kater said...

Sounds like a food allergy. Is he on or off lactose? That's where would start - although C's poos go softer on lactose...Apples are binding. Tropical fruits help. Milk of Magnesia?

Kater said...


becky @ misspriss said...

we've resorted to apple juice and apple sauce to help, um, get things flowing. that seems to work for us, but it sounds like your guy is having a lot more trouble with things.