Saturday, June 06, 2009

You can come too, too, too.

We took a break from all the stuff that we "should" be doing today, like laundry and grocery shopping and cleaning the kitchen and all those other mundane household tasks, and did something instead that we really WANTED to do. The kid has been asking us for weeks, and today we finally took him to the zoo!

We decided to trade the stroller in for some cooler wheels, and took along this sweet sweet ride. Our kid was the envy of every other kid in the park - who wants to ride in a boring old stroller!
We had a fantastic day, complete with a mustardy picnic lunch in the shade. Griffin was in awe of the animals, and just couldn't get enough, racing from one animal enclosure to the next. The favourite was by far the elephants, although the giraffe came in a close second. The hippopotamus, who Griffin talked about all the way there, was a huge disappointment, as he was sound asleep, belly up, in the furthest most reaches of his enclosure. Boring.
We hit the road just as child was turning feral, and were rewarded with a superconk on the way home.
So if you see us walking around this week sporting dirty clothes, or hanging out in our dirty house, just remember how much fun we had at the zoo!


gretel said...

so glad you got to the zoo and that it was the good time it ALWAYS is with kids!

mare ad mare said...

Exactly. The mess is for future Jenn to worry about!

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

What a blast! I'll come! I'll come!

We are going to the zoo this summer, if plans hold up. I'm determined to make it fun!