Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A witty title is escaping me

As is a witty post.

All I wanted to say is we're still here. We're into full on summer theatre season, which means that Steve's presence around here is sporadic at best. Which leaves little old me to be ye olde singular primary caregiver, not to mention laundress, cook, lawn boy and chauffeur.

Peeps, I'm tired!

Just now this second I came inside from FINALLY getting all the plants in the garden.

Well, the second before the second that I stripped off my filthy clothes and poured myself a bowl of crunchy cheezits - that's when I came in from the garden. Mmmmm....crunchy cheezits! They're near the top of the list for desert island food.

Thinking I may shower now, and wishing I could take crunchy cheezits in the shower with me, but I don't think that would end well.

Howzat for random?

1 comment:

Kater said...

You need a little ziplock baggie and one dry hand. Shower Cheezits!