Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Open Letter to my Fellow Drivers

Dear Friends,

As far as roads go, there are a few kinds. The ones I want to discuss with you today are the 4 lane kind - 2 in one direction, 2 in another.

When referring to the lanes on these roads, one has a few options. The right lane is commonly referred to as the "right lane" (duh) or the "shoulder lane." The left lane - "left lane" (again, duh) or "passing lane."

It's this "passing lane" I wish to discuss.

Might one have a guess, as to the purpose of said passing lane?

Here - lets make it SUPER EASY and make it a multiple choice:

The purpose of the "passing lane" is:

A) to drive 20 km under the speed limit.
B) to drive the exact same speed as your neighbouring vehicle who is driving in the "shoulder lane."
C) to PASS!!

If you picked A or B, then hey, you must be from around here!

It's in cases like these where I like to pull out a pearl of wisdom from a great, great man - my Dad.

"Either shit, or get off the pot." (Dad)

Roughly translated to suit this occasion - either pass, or get the EFF OUT OF THE WAY so I can pass you!

Thanks again!

Making the roads a safer place since 1991,

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