Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Today

Last weekend I was in the shower after our camping trip, and decided I'd had enough of my hair. And when I've decided I've had enough, the hair has to go, immediately! So I made an appointment for this afternoon.

Wouldn't you know, my flowing locks that up until last Friday have been frizzy as hell and driving me mental, behaved impeccably well this's like they knew they were on the way out or something.

And while I would love to show you a before and after picture, you'll have to wait until I wash all the salon goop out of my hair, and dispense with the hair-dried poofyness that I'm currently sporting to take a decent picture.

However, I can offer you this:

More haircuts today at the Ranch! Munchkin, before - slightly shaggy, but still cute as hell:

Munchkin, after -slightly uneven, but wickedly cute with a little bit of spiky product:

While I was in Orangeville, I discovered that there was a MASSIVE street festival in the works. So I raced back home after my 1 1/2 hour salon appointment (ah! Heaven!) and picked up Griffin and the Laundry Fairy (that'd be my Mom) and headed back to town for wicked good times.

This, this was the coolest thing ever...I kind of want one for myself! The Drummobile! (A bicycle with a supercool structure behind it, covered in things solely designed to smack the crap out of and make loud noises....a toddlers dream!)

My little cowboy begged for a Pony ride. I, like the sucker that I am, gave in....but to see that shit-eating grin that he sported for the 15 laps around the pony track, it was totally worth it!

Ah, the bouncy castle. I got to go in the bouncy castle too, as 10 anxious kids waited in line for their turns to bounce, and my son pitched a fit from the inside because he absolutely was NOT interested in his bouncy time coming to an end! Yup, had to take off my shoes too, and go in there and drag him out, kicking and screaming while a crowd watched on. Good times!

After the post-bounce trauma came to an end, we grabbed some street meat and settled in to watch some great musicians and do a bit of street dancing. Note to self: Founders Day Festival - go again next year!

Tomorrow, we're off on a boating adventure...thrill a minute here peeps! (What ever happened to relaxing on the weekend???)


Laura Lee said...

forget relaxing on the weekends! we all need to do something that leaves us with 'shit-eating grins!'

I hope afterward you all slept like babies. Sans the waking up every two hours crying, and pooping your pants.

looks like a blast!

Maggie May said...

I see homebirthing is on your awesome. I had my daughter Lola in a tub in a room with a midwife. It was amazing.

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

I'm glad most of the day was a blast and that you were able to see that awesome grin on Griffin's face! He's a doll!

Joanne said...

I love the look on his face when he is on the pony - priceless!