Monday, July 06, 2009

Betrayed by a Bicycle

We went camping this weekend.

And I had a fight with my bike. My new bike. My Mother’s Day present.

Yeah, well, it betrayed me.

So the front fender was loose, and we knew this, and I rode the bike and it was fine. But apparently if I hit a bump, said loose fender rotates forward, enough so that the bottom of it is touching the front wheel. Touching it enough that it actually stops the wheel.

As you well know, a bike coming to a dead stop WHILE you are riding it, and without your permission, is not a good thing.

So the bike stopped. Me, and my friend Momentum, sadly did not.

Fortunately, there was something there to stop me. Unfortunately it was the road.

So I’m a bit worse for wear. I have some decent road rash on my hands and my right elbow, which took a good part of my fall. My left thigh took the rest. Oh, and my right knee took a bit. And this morning I realized that maybe so did my ribs.

I think a hot tub would cure me, but since I’m also PREGNANT that’s not allowed. So a hot bath and some Arnica are coming my way. And maybe a visit to the chiropractor. And maybe a call to the midwife too, just to be safe. Luckily, my brain did seem to kick in in the 0.7 seconds it took for this all to happen, and I managed to protect my growing Cheeseball when I fell.

I also don’t think that the FREEZING cold air that surrounded me as I slept in the tent that night particularly helped.

But enough of my complaints, how about pictures!
THIS is the life!
The whole gang...many still in motion and a bit blurry!
How gorgeous is my baby boy?
All eyes on the Jiffy Pop!
Too tired to even watch the "fireworks!"


Kater said...

Oh Jenn, I'm so sorry!! Thank goodness for your quick reflexes! Have a decent cup of tea and GO SEE ALL YOUR HEALTH CARE PEEPS! Give Petit Fromage a (gentle) squeeze for me, and you too!
PS You should post pics of your road rash! No don't, it will worry me too much.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Glad you're OK and that little muffin of yours, too! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Dana said...

Hey Jenn, So sorry to hear about your "tumble". Hope you mend well... and quickly. As for the baby news - Yahoo!!!! Congratulations. If you can manage any pics of that growing belly (preferably covered in clothes) I know that we would all love to follow the progress.

Burgh Baby said...

OUCH! I hope you're feeling better soon. That kind of tumble with Momentum SUCKS.

(I know because the chain on my bike randomly locks. It took a similar moment of suck for my husband to believe me and fix it. GRR!)

Gretel said...

Crapper! It's no fun having super-owies when you're camping/relaxing!

Hope the road rash dissipates soon.