Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big News

Big news #1 - Griffin is pregnant.

Griffin claims to have a "baby in his belly too." It's "blue" (we think that means it's a boy) and it's going to come out "on a slide" around the same time that my baby comes out. I'm not allowed to poke him in the belly button anymore, because there's a "baby growing in there" and "he's gotta grow."

Too cute!

Big news #2 - We're getting a new car.

Our 10 year old station wagon, with 230,000 kms on it, went in for an oil change today and came out with a $1000 repair bill and a big "NOT SAFE TO DRIVE" stamped across the receipt. We've decided enough is enough, and by Monday we should be the proud new owners of either a Honda CRV or a Toyota RAV4 that we totally can't afford....but since I can't afford to not go to work either, a new car it is. (Please feel free to discuss the pros and cons of each model in the comments.)

Anyone wanna buy a station wagon? It just had an oil change!!


Laura Lee said...

Congratulations, Griff! Who's the lucky mama?

You are on the right track w/the Honda/Toyota - even my elderly Nissan Maxima, with all it's parts and gadgets seeming to fall apart one day after another... still runs like a little sewing machine and I love it. Even 10 yrs old, well taken care of, can be SOOO much easier on the pocketbook... Good luck! And let us know what you find!!

Gretel said...

sorry about the car thing...question is...who gets to drive the new car?

As for Griffin's gestation...remember Tristan had a dragon in his belly through much of my pregnancy with Phelan?

That's so sweet! The slide sounds like more fun that the grunting and moaning.

Kendra said...

I LOVED my RAV 4. Would have married it had Len not asked first...

Lara said...

Haven't had either but have always been happy with my Toyotas :) We still miss our mazda 5 though ;)