Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vroom Vroom

I know, it's been a bit silent around here. Aside from the difficult tasks that we perform regularly on a day to day basis (ie: rolling my fattening self out of bed every morning and trying to make it to the toilet before I pee my pants) things seem to have been incredibly hectic around here for the past few days.

Or maybe it was just Thursday.

So you got the short story of the car. The addendum to that story is that Steve is leaving tomorrow for a few days away on drinking business, and was suddenly about to leave with our only functioning car, leaving me stranded, unable to get to work, and more importantly, unable to get to the store to stock up on crunchy cheezits.


So we had to get a car. And of course, we had to get one THIS VERY MINUTE.

We knew this day was coming. I mean, we drive a 10 year old Ford with 230,000 kilometers on it....we knew that one day we'd get a repair bill that made us throw up a bit in our mouths, and we'd just have to walk away. We never thought (but of course we should have) that we'd have about 36 hours to figure out what kind of car we wanted, rob a bank for a down payment, and then go buy a car.

So after a bit of research, including a highly scientific Facebook poll of our friends, we came home (well, theoretically speaking, as we don't actually GET the car till Monday) with one of these.

It's totally sexy, it has room for our soon to be 2 children and our one very large dog, and all the gear that we seem to lug across this province on a regular basis. It's fuel economy is miles above the tank-wagon that I've been driving around. We may have to sell one or both of the children to pay for it, but hey, it sure is pretty!

So Steve's outta here this weekend, and Griffin and I have a week to break in the car, before we give it the true test, and pack it FULL of camping gear for our week long holiday. Except we cheat, because we camp about 20 minutes from home (at a very nice Provincial Park) and will come home for a load of wood after we unpack the car, and likely mid-week too (because I'll be damned if we're paying $7 a bag for "hardwood" that burns about as fast as newspaper)...and then we can throw any leftover bits in the car on that second run!

So there.

That's the end of my story.

We bought a new car.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new wheels!!

Kater said...

SOOOoooo sexy! I love it! You should come home from camping every day just to use the car!! xoxox Oh and congrats to the G man; I know he's going to be a wonderful father.