Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

We are going camping next week. CAMPING. As in, sleeping practically outdoors for 7 nights straight with a dog, a toddler, and a pregnant me.

This 8 degrees at night-time business? UNACCEPTABLE!!!

As you may know, this is your craptastic excuse for a forecast for this week:
I hope this is you getting this bullsh$t out of your system this week, and as of SATURDAY, you can clean up your act. See that 60% chance of rain on Saturday? That crap needs to GO! Have you ever set up a campsite in the rain? IT'S NOT NICE!

Seriously. Knock this shit off. It's supposed to be SUMMER!

With deepest respect,



Kristen Fry said...

Laughing at this out loud right this second! You crack me up! On a side note, I have a HUGE box of Liam offcasts sized 5 to 7. Interested?

Lisa (Jonnysmommy) said...

Yeah...what she said!

(Because I suck at comebacks)