Saturday, July 18, 2009


Ok, poll:

How many of you can see the right sidebar over there to the right where it's supposed to be? And if you can see it, what browser are you using.

If you can't see it, it's likely down at the bottom of the centre column, as it seems to appear in IE and Firefox.

Any ideas?


Jenny said...

I use firefox and the right sidebar is on the right. It's filled with an ad, correct?

oh and congrats on the crv. I drive one too and love it!

p.s. I linked to your blog through my friend Lara & have been following for a while now. A great read!

Laura Lee said...

I use Firefox too, the stuff that used to be on the right is indeed at the center bottom... weird!

mare ad mare said...

chrome - and it's there...
i've had issues like this with some of my sites, it's usually that something doesn't fit, most of the time it's CSS related. ie, the parent box is 1000px wide, box 1 is 300, box 2 is 600 and box 3 is 200... so it adds it below. and it's usually IE that is the worst with interpreting!

i'm sure you've fixed it by now though and i'm typing for nothing ;-)