Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happiness: Day 4

Last night? Sucked.

Griffin fell asleep at around 8pm. At 9pm, he was awake again, writhing in pain and generally uncomfortable. 9:30, asleep again. 11pm, awake again, more writhing, for a good 1/2 hour this time. 11:45pm, asleep. 1am, awake, MORE writhing, until about 2:30, or somewhere around there when I finally stopped keeping track. At 3:30 I finally called Telehealth. At 5:30am I decided I'd had enough and we packed up to head to the ER, for the 2nd time in 3 days.

Turns out the crack in Griffin's elbow has either deepened, or was worse than the doctor had originally thought. He's now sporting a weird 1/2 cast thingy, which essentially is a plaster casted splint running around the outside of his arm, with a tensor bandage holding it on. The bonus of this sort of cast is that it can be taken off for bathing, or washing the nastiness off the bandage as is apt to happen with a three year old! We're waiting for a follow-up appointment at the fracture clinic at a bigger and fancier hospital, to happen in the next two weeks. (So much for going to the waterpark for the kid's birthday!)

Needless to say, with little to no sleep, we were all a WRECK this morning, with the exception of Griffin who was high as a kite from the mass dose of Tylenol, Advil AND straight up codeine that they gave him at the hospital. Seriously - high. Like giggling like a little girl high and answering questions with the strangest spaced out answers ever! Steve and I had a great laugh with him, he was just too cute! (Plus we were exhausted, so it was even funnier!)

We had an appointment for 10 in town this morning, to carry on with our house hunting search. And now, for the happiness part of the day - we put in an offer! It's a beautiful home, right in the heart of downtown Roofville, and I hope to heck that we get it, because we're already in love with it and placing the furniture!

Again, I have no pictures to share today...I'd love to show you the house, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high until we know something for sure.

We are all going to bed early tonight. As in, soon.

Hoping tomorrow brings less pain for the little one, more alert time for the rest of us and some good house news to share!


Kater said...

Poor honeys. Makes you wonder why the pros at Emerg can't get it right the first time! I hope you guys get everything you hope for, health and house and all!!!

Christie said...

Ugh...poor kid. Sounds extremly painful

Erin said...

My son broke his leg at 2 1/2 and had to wear a cast up to his thigh. He found a way to run on it thought. I'm sure this won't slow your son down at all either. Good luck with the house, we're in the same boat.