Saturday, September 05, 2009

Happiness: Local Yummies

Did you know that that last post, my Dear Griffin post, was number EIGHT HUNDRED on this blog? Wow, 800. That's a lot of blabber from me!

Today, my breakfast made me VERY happy. We stopped in at one of our favourite stores while were in Creemore yesterday, called the 100 Mile store. As you can likely guess, everything they sell is from within a hundred miles. The store is chalk full of wonderful yummy goodness, and we brought home a pound of maple smoked bacon, and some fresh eggs. Top it off with some tomatoes fresh out of the garden, and coffee and a big dollop of whip cream....folks, that's an EXCELLENT way to start a Saturday!

We had a puttering sort of day today, getting ready for a showing of the house this afternoon. After a lovely morning, a little lunch in town (to avoid dirtying the kitchen again!) Griffin and I hit the road heading to Oakville for my Oma's 85 birthday celebration. It was delightful to see all the family, and to watch Griffin play with his big cousins (second cousins, I guess, technically speaking.) We stayed just long enough to burst into a full meltdown when I decided it was time to go, but somehow G managed to stay awake almost all the way home. However, I managed to seamlessly transfer him (finally) sound asleep from the car to the bed when we arrived home, and that makes me VERY happy!!

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