Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy Birthday Griffin!

Dear Griffin,

Today, you are three.

Holy. Shit.

Where does the time go? I can remember it like it was yesterday, bringing you home in a teeny tiny bundle, hardly bigger than my arm. A helpless, squirming bundle. You've come a long way, little dude!

You're still pretty fact, now you never STOP moving. You're like a little bundle of energy on two legs, some days I don't know how you do it. Even something like a cracked elbow and a cast only managed to slow you down for a day or two, and then you were back at it, at full speed, hardly missing a beat.

You are, as we always knew you'd be (because you are your father's son,) full of adventure. You have no fear. You like to climb up and jump off of everything you can. You never walk, always choosing to run instead. It's probably a good thing we're moving, we're all very afraid that one of these days you're going to figure out how to climb up the stairs on the wrong side of the railing, and attempt a flight off the upper balcony. (Your Daddy said that's EXACTLY what he would have done when he was a kid!)

You have a heck of a memory, for things that were mentioned EONS ago, and we're learning to watch what we say around here, because there's a good chance we'll hear again coming across your lips. Dude, you gotta stop being so's going to get us in trouble when you're older!

Oh, and another thing - stop listening so closely to what I say and then throwing it back in my face. "Don't you give me that look" is not an appropriate thing to say to your mother when she's glaring at you for not being in bed!

Next week, you start preschool. Methinks you're going to LOVE it. Not only is there a big place full of new toys and new kids, but there is a ton of learning to be done, which we both think you're very much ready for. And speaking of ready for? Potty training. Dude, get on the bus. I refuse to have TWO children in diapers, so the clock is ticking.

Speaking of two children, I hate to break it to you little guy, but we're about to turn your entire world upside down. Not only are we going to be moving into a new house, but we're going to be throwing another one of those teeny tiny helpless bundles into the mix....and boy are you in for a helluva shock! You're going to go from being the centre of the universe, to hanging out somewhere on the bench for a little while. However, I think you're going to make a most excellent big brother. Your concern for the ones you love is always very touching, and I think you're going to love having another little person to share your love with.

Watching you learn and grow has been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. Keep up the good work little guy. You have the heart and the soul of a really, really GOOD person, and that's enough to be anything you want to be in this life. And whether that's an elephant or a very rich doctor that can support your parents in their old age, we're behind you one hundred percent.

Happy Birthday little guy!

Love Mama

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