Friday, October 09, 2009

So long, little buddy

On Wednesday, Griffin went upstairs to his room for….something, and came back out to the top of the stairs and said,

“Daddy, Nemo isn’t swimming anymore.”

Nemo was Griffin’s super cool red Beta, which we caved in on and got him for his birthday.

You should have seen his little face…the kid was SO excited that there was a fish…a REAL fish…and it was for HIM!!

Griffin and Nemo bonded instantly; I never thought a kid would a love a fish that much. Feeding him at night was a thrill. Griffin would go up to the tank and tap on the glass, and say in the cutest little voice “hey widdle buddy, how you doin’ in there?”

It warmed my heart. It made me smile when I thought of the future, and how much love he was going to feel for his little brother.

And then a month later, Griffin found him, belly up in the bottom corner of his tank.

We have no idea why Nemo died, we think we may have over-fed him. Griffin took it seemingly well, although he seems to think we “scared him” and that’s why he died. In his head, there needs to be a reason, and I'm OK with that. He moved right along when I told him we'd get him another fish. "Can I have a GREEN fish?" he asked.

Still it's sad, and I can tell he misses the little dude. Talking to your kid about death, even if it's the death of a teeny tiny little fish, sucks.

So long, little Nemo. We hardly knew ya.

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