Saturday, October 10, 2009


Peeps, I need your help.

I need some "sold house" vibes, and I need them in short order!

Our house is still for sale, granted it's only been a month, but with this gem waiting for us in town, we'd hate to have to let it go, and the clock is ticking on that. We've just extended our time to sell, but as I refuse to close any later than December 1st (considering that anytime in the next 4 weeks after that I could, ya know, have a BABY!) the time is ticking. I feel like there is so much hinging on this move, and it aint going to happen unless this place sells!

Our house? It's a beautiful house. SOMEONE will fall in love with this house the moment they walk in, just like we did. This house is perfect for a little family to grow up in, and even grow old in.

So whether you're a prayer, or a send-good-thoughter, or a whatever, we'd appreciate some of your good vibes around here.

And fast!


1 comment:

Laura Lee said...

Here's to your future home-buyer. May they have great times in their new home (your prior one). |o)