Monday, November 30, 2009

Snow Please!

I can't BELIEVE I'm about to say this...just can't believe it.

We've had a November that's been pretty much barren of snow. But now? Now it's December. Now it's time for Christmas cheer, and cutting down Christmas trees, skiing and snowmen.

Know what you need for all those things?


Thats right, peeps, snow. I'm ready for it. I even WANT it.

However, "everything in moderation" as my Dad used to say.

(Ha! Wrote the above last night. This morning it's white, with snow squalls to boot, and I'm about to drive into the smelly city, where everyone will likely be experiencing their yearly "what is this white stuff and how do I drive in it." Oh well, I suppose I asked for it!)


Sarah said...

This morning it was snowing on the way to daycare. Dylan - "I'm so happy! The snow isn't sleepin' anymore."

Burgh Baby said...

AGREED. Why can't we have "seasonal" weather? PLEASE. We're going to have snow in May, and I'm not going to be happy about it.