Friday, November 27, 2009

Lovin' every minute of it....

Because I know with 99.97% certainty that this is the last child I will ever grow in my belly, I am trying with all my might to enjoy these last few weeks of my pregnancy.

However, anyone who's ever grown a baby inside them knows that "enjoy" and "last month of pregnancy" are words that are rarely seen together in the same sentence.

Still, I'm trying. Trying to think of it less like a knee to the bladder, and more like the "tiny flutters of the miracle inside me." Resigning myself to not filling my lungs when I breathe anymore, because there's just no room for that, and my little munchkin obviously needs the space. Telling myself when I get up to pee for the 5th time in a night, that it really isn't that bad, especially when in a few weeks I'll be getting up every 2 hours and NOT going straight back to bed! And heck, what's a little continuious, going on 3 weeks in a row heartburn, when it's all in the name of the miracle of life.


And so, we soldier on. At 35 weeks, with 5 weeks to go, I can now start counting days. (That'd be 34 days.) In the grand old scheme of things, 34 days is nothing. I have 12 days of work left....and THAT I can get on board with! And then a few weeks of rest, with a 1/2 a dozen appointments and, oh, Christmas thrown in there too, and before you know it, our kicking, poking, rib jabbing little miracle will be here!


Lara said...

what do you mean people don't enjoy the last month of pregnancy? ;)

I wish you luck trying to enjoy it - it really is an amazingly miraculous thing to get to experience. It'd just be nice if it were a bit shorter and didn't make you feel so awful

Ms. Julia Hale said...

Poor sleep in the last month of pregnancy is natures way of getting us ready for poor sleep in the coming year. It's a smooth transition - that's something to be thankful of - right?

Laura Lee said...

haha! makes me laugh the bittersweet relationship you already have with this child. Sounds like she/he has a head of hair already (heartburn- tell me if it's a wives' tale) =o)