Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Concert

Last night Steve and I had the pleasure for the first (but certainly not last) time of crowding into a public school gym with a hundred or so other parents, on what had to have been the snowiest night of the year thus far, and watch a pile of the cutest little munchkins (including our own, obviously) perform in the preschool Christmas Concert.

It. Was. Adorable!

Griffin sat looking quite stunned for the first 1/2 a dozen songs, quite overcome by the size of the audience he was performing for. As the songs went along, he started to get a bit more into it, especailly for the "shake the bell" sequences. By the end of the show he was having a grand old time! At the end of the singing all the children moved to the floor and sat to watch a slideshow of pictures that have been taken throughout the year. Our child, very much used to "big shows" on big screens, sat up front and provided the running commentary and laugh track to the slide show. Hilarious!

After such a great performance, the kid was rewarded with a cookie, and we were rewarded with a full nights sleep for the whole family!

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Vicky said...

Gah. G is painfully cute.