Sunday, December 27, 2009

Post Christmas Update

Just in case you've been sitting at home, wondering what the heck is happening here on the Roof with impending babies and all that jazz, I thought I'd pop over and update you.

Here's what's happening:


We had a lovely Christmas, including Christmas eve with the immediate family, which as you know includes my brother's trio of terror, which was actually really wonderful! Christmas day was a bit quieter with just the grandparents still around, and yesterday we hauled to Toronto for the big family gathering of cousins, aunts and uncles. Griffin has been adorable and remarkably good over the past few days, except for the few occasions when the No Nap Monster reared it's ugly, ugly head. Now we're back home again, eating leftovers until we burst, and waiting for the Cheese to make an appearance.

So far, there has been absolutely no "signs" that the Cheese is on his way anytime soon. I'm taking all my little homeopathic meds, drinking my raspberry tea (which gives me heartburn!) and alternating between naps and trying to walk about a bit and letting gravity do it's job. Unfortunately, Cheese seems to be situated in such a way that if I walk for too long, I get these sharp shooting pains down my leg, which everyone seems to think is just him pressing on a nerve down there in my nether regions. Ah, getting on my nerves already! (HA!)

And so we wait. And eat. And enjoy the last few days together as a family of three. The weather outside hasn't been particularly kind for playing, but I'm hoping we can get some tobogganing in in the next few days (and by we I mean Steve and G, while I sit comfy at the bottom of the hill with my camera and a latte!) Other than that we have no plans, which is actually rather refreshing!

I have a camera full of pictures that I may just get to today...if I can make time between naps!

Hope your Christmas was everything you wished for!

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