Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Today's Update

Last night, after hauling ass up to Griffin's bedroom for the umpteenth time, I headed back down the stairs only to miss (or something) and went butt first down about 1/2 a dozen stairs. After Steve's heart rate returned to normal, the dog settled back down again, and I determined that I was OK, I got a little bit excited thinking that maybe this would kick start baby's arrival.

No such luck.

In fact, we just returned from the midwife who said that things are still "closed for business" down there.


However, the episode did result in a very adorable little chat with Griffin this morning:

G: Mommy, what happened with you and the stairs last night?

M: Mommy fell down a few of the stairs.

G: Where did you get hurt?

M: It hurt a little bit all over, but Mommy didn't hurt anything specific.

G: (Slightly confused) But I need to give you a kiss...where can I kiss you better??

My kid is too damn cute!

And since I've been slightly slack on picture sharing, here's a few shots from our toboggan and torch adventure!

Griffin and I get our paws on the Olympic Spliff Torch!

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