Thursday, January 28, 2010

Body Heat

Today is one of those days that despite the fact that we have a house with walls and windows and doors, it feels like the wind is coming right through all of them, and settling its chill right into my bones.

I have candles lit in every room. The fireplace is on. I'm wearing woolly socks and slippers, and a woolly sweater too. I just downed a mug of hot chocolate. I'm STILL cold!

The only thing that keeps me warm is Corben. He's like a little furnace. And so, we're likely to spend most of the day curled up in the big chair in front of the fire, covered up with a cloud of fluffy pink . Rocking, staring at each other, likely napping, him keeping me warm and me keeping him warm. Chances are Dudley will want in on the action too, and will curl up on the foot of the chair and snuggle up with us. Everyone keeping each other warm.

And really, what's wrong with any of that??

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