Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pink Lives!

Tonight, I sewed.

Wanna know what I made?

Something for....MYSELF! (How wicked awesome is that??)

You see, ever since we found out we were pregnant again, I had visions of shopping for any and all things PINK at Fabricland. When we found out that this baby was not of the pink variety, my lust for girly fabric flew out the window.

But not really.

It never really dissapeared, this lust.

And then, the other night, I had an ephipany.

I am a girl. ME!

Who the heck is to say I can't buy fuzzy pink fabric and make fuzzy pink things for ME!

So I did. And when I walked into Fabricland this week, and saw the pink fluffy heaven on earth fabric on sale for HALF PRICE, I knew it was fate.

So, tonight I made the biggest, fuzziest, pinkest blanket that you've ever seen. And then I wrapped myself in it, and tried to take an artful photograph of the fuzzy goodness, along with the landscape that is my belly, to show it all off.

What I got was a photo of a mostly out of focus belly, an out of focus fuzzy pink blanket that actually looks orange, and a dog looking bored with the whole thing. But whatever. I'm wrapped up in the best blanket I've ever owned and I couldn't care less!


Laura Lee said...

I think the picture, even yellowed, looks like absolute comfyness. bathed in healing light, looks like.

Kater said...

You look amazing! And amazingly comfortable! Finally, a recent pic of the belly! Pink it up, Sister.

gretel said...

nice belly...I mean, BLANKET!