Thursday, January 21, 2010


Looks idyllic, doesn't it?

Except what the pictures don't tell you is that for the second time this week, Griffin got in trouble at preschool today, this time for walking up behind random kids and shoving them as hard as he could. Charming.

The funny thing is, things have been as idyllic as they look in the pictures with Griffin and his little brother. Griffin wants to hold him, snuggle with him, watch his shows with him, and is constantly bringing him little toys or teddy bears that he wants to share with him. We've been very conscious about giving him individual attention, which actually hasn't been that hard since Corben is so chill. I actually thought we were doing really well....until I found out that my kid is turning into the class bully!

Gotta run, Corben is trying to latch onto my nose, but I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have any!

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oma said...

I know he's only 3 but maybe G could be encouraged to make a picture, in his own way, of what he's feeling or thinking when he wants to push or hit someone (instead of acting it out).