Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week 2

I'm not exactly sure where this past week got away to. It flew by, and for the most part was fairly uneventful. For me it involved a lot of sitting on the big comfy chair and staring at my baby. Corben's week pretty much amounted to hanging out with me in the chair and being cute:See what I mean?

We spent a good deal of the day on Tuesday out and about running errands, and were rewarded with our first craptacular night's sleep, due to a baby who slept in the car seat all day. Weak sauce. We made sure not to repeat that mistake again.

With shocking speed, the imaging department at the local hospital called me on Wednesday, and wanted to know if I was available the next day for a CT scan - the result of my GP appointment earlier in the week, just to make sure nothing was amiss in my head that is causing my sudden migraines. Since I spent the previous weekend and early part of the week hooked up to the breast pump (I had COPIOUS amounts of milk!) there was enough milk in the fridge for me to head out without either of the kids. Getting out for even an hour by myself was very nice, and very weird all at the same time. As we were walking to the scan room the technician, just doing her duty, asked me if there was any chance that I might be pregnant. I think she may have been slightly offended when I burst out laughing in her face....and then less so when I explained that I had given birth 10 days ago, and aside from a heavenly miracle that I think only works on virgins, there was no chance, absolutely none at all that I was pregnant!

Friday was my first day at home with both the boys. It started out with a phone call from the neighbour, just as I was getting out of the shower, to let me know that Dudley was in the back field, and moments ago had been surrounded by 3 coyotes. Neighbour Dave, being the neighbourly guy that he is had gone for his gun, but by the time he got back to his back porch, they had dispersed, and Dudley had gone on the defensive - he had somehow managed to evade them, and had taken up post between the house and the top of the hill, and was barking like mad at them. I quickly got dressed (figuring nobody wanted to see me running up the hill after my crazy dog in a short robe and snowmobile boots,) and managed to scare the crap out of Griffin telling him that he needed to watch Corben and stay inside, because Dudley was in trouble and Mama had to go help him. Just as I was conjuring up visions of carrying a maimed and bleeding dog through the field behind our house, Dudley arrived at the back door slightly breathless but otherwise unfazed, like near death-by-coyote was no biggie at all, and hey, what's for breakfast??

After my heart stopped pounding, I decided to start over, and re-started the day with french toast made with home made bread, because really, what can go wrong when you (re)start the day out like that? I know, it's a perfect set up for me to tell you EXACTLY what else could go wrong...but surprisingly, nothing did. We had a GREAT day that involved some crafty business, a trip to the library, a nap, for both boys....AT THE SAME TIME (stellar mother pats herself on the back and feels very smug,) finishing off our crafty business in the afternoon, and having dinner on the table when Steve arrived home from work (a lasagna from the freezer...homemade at least!) I'm more than a little bit looking forward to our Fridays from now on (minus the dog maiming by coyote part!)
(One thing that I've learned about crafting with three year olds - I have to let go of my own crafty anal tendencies, and just let Griffin do his thing. It's not going to be perfect, or anywhere near, but it will be his, and he will be awfully proud of it, perfect or not!)
Griffin has been really great with Corben again this week...he loves to snuggle with his little brother. Sadly, Griffin also came down with something this weekend that makes him sound like he smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, and trying to keep his little snotness AWAY from Corben hasn't worked out all that well...please cross your fingers that the wee one stays well! (If he does, I'm going to start feeding breastmilk to the WHOLE family.)
So that's this week in a (rather large) nutshell. We're just hanging out, getting bigger and cuter every day. Not a bad life!

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Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I love these photos! Oh you are right...he just hangs out and is cute...cute...cute. Ouch. What was that? My ovaries. Oh. They ache!