Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dirty Little Secret

I consider us to be a fairly "green" family - it's something that's very important to us, especially in the past few years as we've started (and ended!) our contribution of adding wee ones to this planet; wee ones who will grow and prosper, ideally long after we're gone, and be left with the messes that we've made. Or hopefully, not.

We do all the things that are now considered expected of us - recycle, compost, use cloth bags, etc. We try to go beyond that though, doing things like cloth diapering, using only natural products in our home, growing our own food, shopping locally and so on.

However, I have a dirty little secret. Something that is probably going to send me to the equivalent of environmental hell, right along next to all those people who still throw garbage out their car windows, and put their pop bottles in the trash.

I love a good, long, hot shower.

Being a busy mother of two, the shower is the one place that I can truly be alone for 10 minutes of the day. It's only about 6 square feet that I'm alone in, but on a nutty day, it can be 6 square feet of paradise. I can turn the water on as hot as my skin can bear, lean against the wall, and let that hot water pour down on my back, washing away the morning or the afternoon, or whatever I need it to take with it as it heads down the drain.

Luckily, Griffin HATES the shower, and there's never any worry about him wanting to join me. (Because gawd knows that the days of using the toilet alone are long gone!) However, there is something about the sound of me turning on the shower that invariably draws him into the bathroom with the loudest toy he can find, to fight off monsters or some other horror while on the other side of the skinny curtain I try to ignore him, be zen, and try not to yell for his father to "git this kid OUTTA HERE!" I need that time in there, just 10 minutes is all I ask for, with the hottest water there is available....and I have no plans to give it up any time soon.

So there you have it. Just when you thought I was perfect, I go and blast your illusions all to do you like them apples??

Got any dirty little secrets of your own you wanna share? Or, just want to tell me what a horrible person I am...go ahead, yell at me. I won't be able to hear you though, I'll be in the shower!

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