Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 3

I gotta say, having an Uber Baby makes for some wickedly good night sleeps, but it does squat for blog fodder. Griffin used to projectile vomit, scream all night long, and generally create chaos.

Corben? Just sleeps. And poops. And eats. Then sleeps some more. Wakes up for a bit, is really cute, eats, and back to sleep.

It's pretty gosh darn sweet!

I'm pretty sure Corben is getting cuter every day. (Until this morning, when he woke up in full baby acne mode...but he's still cute beneath all his little pimply bits!) He's most defiantly getting chubbier, tipping the scales an ounce away from 9 lbs at our 2 week midwife visit.

There is one little thing I'm struggling with, maybe you can help. I bought one very sassy, very expensive wool diaper cover, that came "ready to use." The thing leaks like a sieve. It's been washed once, in more fancy wool detergent, and shouldn't need to be lanolized for a while yet. I'm wondering if our hard water is killing it? I read about all kinds of people who LOVE their wool soakers, but I have had a grand total of ZERO luck with them, from expensive store bought ones, to hand knit ones, to ones made from felted wool sweaters. Zero. Any thoughts?

We're starting to get tired of being inside, and hoping the snow lets up soon. The Lee Valley catalogue is coming in the mail this week, and I got a seed catalogue last week, and it's making me dream of sunnier days and digging in the dirt.

In the mean time, we'll hang out and snuggle by the fire and watch the snow fall from the sky. That's almost as much fun as running in the rain or digging in the sunshine!


Ginger said...

What are you using under the wool cover? It sounds to me like it wasn't lanolized. Usually when my wool covers start to not hold in the wetness it is because I need to lanolize them again. But I am certainly no wool expert. Maybe you should contact whoever you bought the cover from and they might have a suggestion. I hope it works because we LOVE our wool and it is the only thing that works for us at night time!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Aw! He's a doll. I'm glad that he doesn't have all the issues Griffin did. Jonathan was just like Griffin so I can relate.

The wool idea there. Thank God for Ginger!

Colleen said...

Jenn jenn bo benn,
Have you tried washing it in Eucalan? It is an environmentally friendly wool wash which gently adds lanolin with every wash so it sort of conditions the fibres. It also smells yummy, works great on lingerie, wool, quilts. I love it. And it is Canadian (the company is owned by a friend). Maybe try that? If you go to the website you can get a free sample.
Bean xxxx