Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Along with a baby, last week I also added something else to my life, something WAAY less welcome.


I didn't know that's what these wicked headaches were classified as, but when I went for a friendly visit with my GP today, she told me that's exactly what I'd been having. So these throbbing, make me want to curl up in a dark closet headaches? Migraines. Awesome.

I haven't figured out what the trigger is yet, it's strange because we've actually been sleeping really well (Corben only wakes up once, maybe twice to feed) and eating really well and drinking tons. I'm guessing the massive hormonal shift is partly to blame, but other than that I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do going forward.

Anyone out there have any advice??


Lara said...

oh no - poor you! Unfortunately my only solution is drugs. drugs I can't take when nursing. :P Hope they go away!

Colleen said...

Jenn jenn bo benn,
So sorry about the migraines. Orla gets migraines but they seem to be brought on when she eats cheese. Maybe you have a trigger food like that. What have you been eating lately? Maybe try elimating things one at a time and see if it helps?
Hang in there. xxx Bean

Kendra said...

Dad's trigger is chocolate and it goes up and down as he gets older. Also too much screen time or driving time.

Kristen Fry said...

Hormones. I had terrible migraines until I made it through puberty. We limited choco, cheese etc etc. I had one Hallowe'en where Kendra got choco bunnies and I got jujubes and skittles. :( I got an aura (shimmer) in my eyes too. If I went and laid down right away and took my tylenol I was usually able to limit the time.